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[GREEDILOUS] GREY Onepoint T-shirt

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  • GREEDILOUS introduces you to the only style; The one that is not unique and exceptional but also nifty and vibrant; The mixture of elegant woven fabrics and the digital print pattern mingle and make the most harmonized aura to the look
  • 2020 F/W CONCEPT ME, MYSELF&I: GREEDILOUS thinks dressing up is a magical thing that makes me stand out and makes me love myself more; The overall design direction was highlighted by the eye-catching neon color and pursued a gender-less style that transcends gender boundaries with boldness and voluminous silhouettes; In this difficult era, we wanted to develop through our collection that we are all geniuses who shine brightly in the dark with the energy and wit of GREEDILOUS
  • GREEDILOUS SPIRIT: Our spirit is to express our unique identity by creating items that most audiences have never seen; We try our best to use resources that are original as possible and consider the environmental issue
  • MUST-HAVE-ITEM: Prepare your spring and summer with GREEDILOUS’ colorful t-shirts; We offer 2 colors and the colorful prints lighten up your look; The hand and the form behind are GREEDILOUS’ alteration of the image of Mickey mouse; Mickey’s signature white four-finger handprint is drawn and rearranged in GREEDILOUS style; This style comes in four sizes, so both women and men can wear this piece; Try it and let people know your color
  • UNIQUE ADVENTURE: Do you like to wear ordinary clothes?; Experience a style you've never tried before; With this GREEDILOUS Ruffle Hood t-shirt, you can feel like a model on a runway in your daily life; A special but good match for daily style; We apply bold prints, sleek and sensual silhouettes, and fine details that capture Younhee’s youthful yet rebellious spirit.